Emoji question

  • @SoftCreatR will smiles that were posted using :) , :D and etc. automatically be replaced in old forum posts once your plugin is installed?

  • Depends on which version. The official version requires, that you create all aliases by yourself. The private version comes with a shitload of pre-defined aliases (including ascii).

  • I would love to try out the private version, specially if it replaces the old smiles with Emoji.

  • You have to remove the currently installed smilies, first.

    Yes, I understand. I was concerned that once the old smilies were removed, there would be a lot of posts with :) in them and no Emoji.

  • I added the the private version and it's great! It seems like it would be a very poplar plugin if it was added to the Plugin-Store on WoltLab.

  • Maybe ;)

    Btw... There are some smilie codes which you have to assign manually (due to the fact, that they are no official emoji ascii aliases OR they just do not exist in Unicode 8.0). Here's, how i've assigned them: