Country block plugin

  • I found this thread in WoltLab but I don't speak German and I'm not sure Google translated well. It seems that to be able to use this plugin I need to install first a PHP extension (bcmath). Is that right? Anything else is required?

  • Except for bcmath, there are no dependencies. Most standard PHP installations have this built-in. However, if you don't have bcmath support and no possibility to add it, an external API is used as fallback.

  • Dear all,

    I installed the CountryBlock plugin yesterday on our WoltLab powered forum:


    Burning Board Version 4.1.13

    Community Framework Version 2.1.14 (Typhoon)

    I used the web interface for installing it. During the night the forum stopped and started producing 500 internal server errors.
    I investigated and found the following error message in my Apache error log:

    PHP Fatal error: Class 'wcf\\system\\event\\listener\\JSON' not found in /var/www/conforum/wcf/lib/system/event/listener/CountryBlockListener.class.php on line 52

    I looked at CountryBlockListener.class.php and it was indeed missing a line for the JSON library. Adding

    1. use wcf\util\JSON;

    To the list of use statements at the start of the file fixed it. Can you please update your codebase (if not done yet) so that updating the country blocker in the future does not break it again?